In Los Angeles for a Painting Class and a New Blog

I've only been painting in oil and figuratively for about a year and a half after a 10yr break from "art" so this blog will record my studies and experiences painting. Art school and it silly ideas-over-methods approach means that you have to be pretty lucky or have a great teacher to learn anything about your materials and how they truly work by the time you graduate. Essentially art schools turn out the equivalent of a car mechanic who can drive a car but has no idea what makes it move. This is why the art supply biz can charge so much for materials and why most art world magazines are like reading enigma code. Adrian's class is the part of my studies to learn both about painting methods and how my materials work. Adrian and a small contingent of figurative painter have started small classes and Atelier programs around the country. In these programs there is almost no critique of you work on a "concept" level. All discussion is focused on the very real methods for replicating 3 dimensional objects on a 2D surface and the methods and materials to accomplish this. Much of this information began to be lost with the rising popularity of expressionism (despite most of these early expressionist painters having had true training). Schools started to become generalized and the focus shifted from a methodical materials training to theoretical discussion. If you are interested in this type of study just google "Atelier". There are now many Ateliers in Europe and the US now although not all of them are on the up-and-up.

I'm in Los Angeles for a class with Adrian Gottlieb for the next 2 months. I'll be painting a lot while I'm here so I'm pretty excited about this trip. I've got Adrian's class (who seems like a great guy judging by his emails so far) and I'll be doing a lot of Plein Air work. Hope you enjoy this blog and my work as they develop.