Portrait with Chairs, Part 1

Here's a portrait that I'm currently working on...

Oil on panel, 24" x 20"

Oil on panel, 24" x 20"

I've been using M. Graham's Walnut Alkyd Medium through out this painting and really enjoy it. It feels like straight linseed oil under the brush. 

During use  Graham's W.A.M. is a very slick and flowing medium. It sets up almost as fast Natural Pigment's Balsam Essential Oil medium. This due to a lack of a balsam component in the medium. It dries with a fare amount of gloss but not quite as much as a Balsam based medium. I'd call the finish "Semi-Gloss". When I paint with this particular alkyd medium I've been adding about 1 part spike oil to 6 parts Graham's. My thinking is this small amount of solvent will help to facilitate fusion with previous layers as Graham's W.A.M contains no solvent on it's own.

I plan to explore a few of the alkyd mediums on the market. On the next piece i work on I'm going to give Galkyd for Gamblin a try.