1st in a mini series...

Here's some in-progress images of a piece I'm working on...

Image 1

Image 2

The central landscape is a rest stop on the drive between Los Angeles and Arizona. I loved the rich soft blue of the atmosphere over the mountains contrasted with roughness of the land in the foreground. I thought a long horizontal format would really do this scene some justice. This landscape section is done.

In images you can see as I drawn in key geometric landmarks, block in , and complete elements. I like to block in slightly more chromatic than I want to end up. To do this I like to use the same value and color I will ultimately use but apply it thinly. The result is more chromatic and slightly higher in value than the final layer. As you scroll down you can see as I block in elements and then complete them.

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

This painting is part of a series that will all have a similar concept: A central "painting" within a studio environment.  There are a lot ideas I want to explore in this series.

As I had stated in my previous post I was going to give Galkyd a try in my next painting. Well, this is the next painting and I've used it through out. It just might be my new favorite all around medium. It drys incredibly fast which allows me to over-paint and blend areas the same day very easily. It is almost identical to a balsam based medium in look and feel but drys faster. It also dries to a high gloss, which I love. I do think M. Grahams Walnut Alkyd Medium is better for very fine detail as its more liquid.