A landscape of time

This painting came about because of two limitations I run into when painting landscapes. The first has to do with ease of transporting panels. I have a nice transport box from RayMar but the model I have can only carry panels up to 11" x 14". The second limitation is specific to my current shared car situation with my girlfriend. I go out painting when the car is free. This means that the car might not be available when the weather is similar to the day I started a painting. As you might have figured out I like to work on pieces from start to finish outdoors if I can. So far neither of these has been a real issue. Recently however I got the itv to work on a larger piece but still wanted to work outdoors... My solution was to break the painting up into smaller panels that I can transport separately. I treat each of these as individual paintings. The only common thread is the landscape itself. I simply take all the panels out and work on the one that best matches the weather for the day. Here is the painting so far:

20" x 24"  Oil on 5 Panels

20" x 24" 

Oil on 5 Panels

Currently only the upper left panel is finished. The upper central panel needs the mountain range very lightly scumbled in. The upper right panel need the tree completed (including matching to the bottom panel). The lower right panel needs the tree finished and the foreground bush completed. I haven't begun the lower left panel yet... So far the the panels have way more variety than I thought they would, especially in the sky. The bottom right is my master panel for measuring from. Once I had the major landmarks in I simply marked of key point on the surrounding panels. One of the rules I set for myself when working on these is that I don't compare them with each other when I'm out painting, only when I back in my studio. My thought is that if I compared them while working I might subconsciously make adjustments to bring them in line with each other. It's been pretty fun so far and I think this will become a series.