Full Watercolor Palette

I've decided to post my full my full watercolor palette that I've settle on for watercolor work. Some things have changed since I started out. I'll also be using a palette with less paints for classes. This has been the palette I've stuck with for a while now:

High Chroma

  • Quinacridone Magenta, PR122 - W&N 5ml
  • Pyrrole Red, PR254 - M. Graham 15ml
  • Pyrrole Orange, PO73 - M. Graham 15ml
  • "Indian Yellow", PY110 - M. Graham 15ml
  • "Azo Yellow",  PY151 - M. Graham 15ml
  • Phthalo Green, PG7 - M. Graham 15m
  • "Turquoise", PG7 + PB15 - M. Graham 15ml
  • Phthalo Blue (Red Shade), PB15:0 - M. Graham 15ml
  • "Winsor Violet", PV23 - W&N 5ml

Mid Chroma

  • "Burnt Sienna", PBr7 - M. Graham 15ml
  • "Raw Sienna", PBr7 - M. Graham 15ml
  • Cobalt Teal, PB28 - M. Graham 15ml
  • Cobalt Blue, PB28 - M. Graham 15ml

Low Chroma + Darks

  • Titanium White, PW6 - M. Graham 15ml
  • "Sepia", PBk6 + PBr7 - M. Graham 15ml
  • "Raw Umber", PBr7 - M. Graham 15ml
  • Perylene Black, PBk31 - W&N 14ml
  • "Paynes Gray", PB15 + PV19 + PBk6 - W&N 14ml
  • Ivory Black, PBk9 - M. Graham 15ml
  • "Neutral Tint", PV19 + PG7 - M. Graham 15ml

I've got a lot of High Chroma paints in that list but you'd be surprised how rarely I use some of them. I do use a lot of Azo Yellow though for grasses and trees. The companies these paints come from are very important! Paints with the same name can be totally different colors and have different handling characteristics.

Ill be posting the class palette I'll be using soon also. It will feature less paints to let people get the feel first. Got a few decision to finalize on that front...