Watercolor Landscape Painting


Our watercolor landscape painting class will meet weekly and paint in and around the Lexington, KY area. Unlike most painting classes this class is not going to teach you a particular painting style. The focus instead will be on core painting concepts. For those that are new to watercolor painting this class will remove many beginning road blocks. For seasoned painters this class will help to expand your techniques without having to give up any of your personal style. Ongoing concepts that will be covered include:

  • Understanding color in the natural world
  • Composition
  • Drawing Proportions
  • Planning your painting
  • Materials choices
  • Watercolor techniques

Classes will meet once a week on Sundays and be informal and interactive. Materials requirements are flexible. All skill levels are welcome. Come hang out with a group of like minded people where discussion and exploration is encouraged!


Fee per Class: $20

Fee per Class with Materials: $25 with paint provided. $30 with all materials provided.

Supplies: A complete materials list will be provided on sign up. Before you buy materials I recommend you take a first class and bring what you have.

Day: Sundays

Time: Noon - 5pm.

Lunch: Please bring your own food. We will be in a new location every week so be prepared! 

Location: Classes will be around the Lexington area. Locations will be pre-scouted when possible and will be announced via my In the Studio blog and my Facebook page midweek before each class.

Sign Up: Contact me > HERE <