Lessons will be in a classical method once taught to artists the world over. Students will work one-on-one with me to move through a progression of stages that will teach them to draw and paint realistically. Each stage will build upon the methods and techniques of the previous stage. This style of teaching gives students exposure to proven techniques in drawing and painting without being overwhelmed, and gives them a true foundation to build upon.


Instruction will move through the following stages with no hard time table allowing students to move at their own pace and gain the most from each step:

Stage 1 - Drawing

In this stage, students will learn the basics of drawing from life using graphite or charcoal. Over the course of several sessions, students will fine tune their drawing techniques. Previously used still life set-ups can carry over session to session if the student wishes, or a new set up can be used for each session.

Stage 2 - Painting in Monochrome

Here students will learn to transfer the skills learned in drawing to painting using three paints: white, black and burnt umber. Monochromatic painting bridges the gap between drawing and painting. Students will begin to become familiar with the materials of painting but will use a simplified palette of colors. This use of a simplified color palette allows students to make a direct connection between drawing and painting without the sudden distraction a full palette of colors brings.

Stage 3 - Painting in Full Color

Having moved though drawing and monochrome painting, students are now ready to paint in full color. This is the stage that most students will really be looking forward to. Now that students are prepared with the fundamentals of drawing and paint, they are now ready to apply those skills to painting using a full palette of colors. This stage of instruction allows students more exploration than in previous stages. Still life set-ups can be as complicated or as simple as the students requests.


Pricing: Sessions are $50 per hour. 

Ages Accepted: 10years to infinity.

Materials: I will provide a basic drawing kit supply list for the first session. Future supply lists will be provided as students move from drawing to painting.

Safety: All materials used are guaranteed to be safe and non-toxic.

Location: All instruction will be one-on-one in the comfort of you own home or at a location of your choosing.